Should I Cancel Amazon Prime? Here Are 12 Good Reasons

Is Amazon Prime membership worth it? Amazon Prime membership jumped to $139 in 2022. Here are 12 good reasons you might want to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription.

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2022 was a tumultuous year for, and, for better and for worse, its 200+ million subscribers went along for the bumpy ride. The year saw major acquisitions for Amazon, widespread corporate layoffs, cuts in member perks, and perhaps most significantly, a price hike.

These days, you’re likely up to your neck in other subscription services. There’s cable TV, sports packages, streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus and Spotify, food delivery services, and membership schemes all the way down to gift boxes for your dog. Amazon Prime might offer a wide range of perks across its many services, but then Amazon went and raised its yearly subscription fee by 17% last February.

With the service now costing close to $200 for monthly subscribers, it’s no surprise that consumers are wondering whether Amazon Prime is worth the cost, even if Amazon Prime Day, that annual blockbuster sale remains a big draw. Last October, Amazon held a bonus discount Prime Early Access Sale, two days that ended up kicking off the 2022 holiday shopping season. And since Amazon judged this second event a success, we expect it will return later this year. 

But as Amazon made deep cuts to its leadership team with a layoff of around 10,000 positions late this year, experts are predicting that could be a major disruption for Amazon, possibly leading to customer service issues. To make matters worse, part of those layoffs are affecting Amazon’s Alexa division, a tool many Amazon Prime members use to place orders. 

That price hike isn’t the only change at the company, either. Amazon is currently working through multiple stages of layoffs (over 10,000 employees lost jobs between November and January 2022, and more cuts were announced in March 2023). Part of these layoffs affected the company’s retail division, whilst others affected Amazon’s Alexa division, a tool many Amazon Prime members use to place orders. Is the Prime experience getting worse, even as the price goes up? 

So do you still need Amazon Prime? After years of membership, people often forget: Anyone can buy from Amazon, you don’t need to be a Prime member. You’re just not going to get the other perks —  not all of which you might need, use or want. To that end, we’ve listed a range of 12 good reasons you might want to cancel your Amazon Prime membership.  

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